Women in the Revolutionary War Article Review

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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In her quest to show the raw resiliency and resolve of the women of the Revolutionary War, author Wendy Martin drove home her point of the important role that women played during the war in her article Women and the American Revolution. In using many examples of personal experiences from competent women from our country's history, the author was able to bring emotion to the reader. Abigail Adams, Anne Eliza Bleeker, and Deborah Sampson were a few of these amazing women that during the woman’s movement, made their mark in history and consequently into Ms. Martin's article.

Much of Abigail Adams' letters to her husband, John Adams, were cited in this article as examples of her struggles and dedication to her husband while he was away with the war. Also, other female writer's excerpts ( Anne Eliza Bleeker, for example) from their writings were used to reiterate the writers position on the role that women played during the revolution.

The strengths of this article solely lie within the resources that the author used to drive home her position. Much of the excerpts used, were in fact actual letters, journal entries and articles written by the said women in the article. I honestly feel that without those, although well written, the article wouldn't have had the impact that it did on me. Through those excerpts, I was able to feel more connected with the women, feel their emotion and have a better understanding of their struggles by hearing their tone. The author was able to connect to a reader easier by bringing so much personable experiences from the past into the present through her writing. I enjoyed how Ms. Martin showed examples of where men had used a woman's name, in the news paper, to try and sway women to act a certain way towards their husbands gain supremacy in the war. This showed how strong of an impact the writings of women had at such an early point in the woman's movement, It's hard for me to be able to locate much of a weakness in...
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