Women Diversity Presentation

Topics: Marriage, Family, Cape Verde Pages: 3 (651 words) Published: April 8, 2013
At the diversity speech, we were given the wonderful opportunity to listen to the stories of three very different women: Dr. Xiaoyi Liu, Pia Driessen-Knittle, and Bernadine Lewis. Listening to these women speak really opened my eyes to how different we all truly are from each other. Although these women were probably some extremes of diversity, it demonstrated a good sense of differing backgrounds. Regardless of where these women came from, they found themselves here in America, on stage, speaking to us. Students are going to have come from different backgrounds and cultures and find themselves in classrooms together. They are all going to have different experiences, thoughts, and opinions. It’s so very important to find the middle ground between treating them all the same as human beings while also recognizing that they are all different. Teachers need to see students as all the same and to love them all equally. However, teachers also need to praise the uniqueness of each and every student individually.

Below I have outlined the stories presented by each of the speakers:

Dr. Xiaoyi Liu
-Chinese women
Weddings: Bride covered in red veil – represent that the pair is not supposed to meet until wedding (arranged marriage).
Women are needed as public workers in industries
Marriage Law of 1950
The very first law promulgated by the People’s Republic of China (1949)
Abolished arranged marriage
Abolished polygamy
Right to divorce: - 214,000 cases of divorce in 1986
1,665,000 cases in 2004
Maoist era (1949-1976)
Penetration of state into society
-sweeping mass campaigns
Transformation of “feudal” social customs
-established new loyalty to mao
Socialist New Man
Communist ideals
socialist moral
culture and education
Feminine Clothing
Little regard to size/fit
Colorful = scandalous
Some women would wear lace and bright colors under their baggy Mao suits and compare them in the washroom...
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