Women as Victim in Rossetti Poetry

Topics: Female, Woman, Girl Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: October 17, 2012
The Rossetti poetry exclusively portrays women as victims. The themes of women destroyed by love, by tragic lovers or by other means are also typical of this Rossetti poetry. Most of the times, women are represented as victims of a tragic love, as a sexual frustration or they represented a punishment of the female. Other subject is the representation of the fallen woman (women who had given in to seduction, living a life in sin). For example, in Cousin Kate, the narrator has been left by the Lord and been outcast from the society. Moreover, women have been represented as victims of her situation in society. For example, the princess in The Royal Princess is lonely even though she has everything one would dream of but she lacks companionship. Being a princess she is supposed to behave in a certain way and is losing the basic fun touch of life. Sometimes the women are represented as Objects of Desire. For example, in goblin market, goblins tempted the girls. Once the girl falls in the trap and gives into her temptations, she is left to suffer and men move on to find their next girl. For example, in cousin kate, woman was seduced by the men and then left alone. They must bare the consequences of their mistakes and the men that had took advantage of them were free to carry on with their lives. The lord misuses his position in his seduction because he creepily watches Kate at her gate. He lures the girl like a hunter. He praises the girl and makes Kate feel in love with him. Men are cruel and have a low view of women and the lord sees the girl as a “plaything” he explores the simile as a glove. In Cousin Kate , it says “I sit and howl in dust”, and the neighbours call her “an outcast thing” this suggests that she is a social outcast now because she has had sex out of wedlock. It also says “I moan, an unclean thing” this suggests that she were pregnant.
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