William Harvey, Doscovering of Blood Circulation

Topics: Death, Lie, Mind Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Nova 2
Violette Early Can Science Stop Crime? Explore the genetics behind criminal minds, the latest in lie detection, and a human corpse “farm”, and more, aired October 17, 2012 on PBS. Program Description:

What’s the secret to stopping crime? David Pogue gives the third degree to scientists pushing the limits of technology, not only to solve horrific murders but also to try and prevent crimes before they even happen. Pogue learns the latest techniques, from unraveling the clues embedded in a decomposing corpse, to detecting lies by peering directly into a suspect’s brain to tracking the creation of a criminal mind. And we meet a genus crime-stopper who has made some terrifying discoveries, including how easy it is for a bad guy to highjack not just your laptop but your kid’s toys, medical devises, even your car. Nova Science Now: Are killers born or made? Peering inside the criminal mind, can scientists help when someone died? Mr. Jackson, who’s a biologist, says “some men carry DNA that’s more violent than others. This gene is called MOA gene, its nickname is the warrior gene, we all carry it some more than others. Your Amygdala telling the rest of your body that something is happening. People with MOA genes have less grey matter than others but it’s not enough to make them aggressive, DNA is only one piece of the puzzle. James Fellow has studied violent killers, when he found inside his own family history there has been 12 killers over three century’s, in fact Lizzie Borden is a cousin. He had his own brain scanned and found his brain scanned like those of killers. The difference was he had a very positive and lovely childhood, his environment was...
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