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Wildlife Issues Topic Answers

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1 Dr. Julie Savidge concluded that Brown-tree Snake predation was the cause of declines of forest bird populations on Guam. 2 Recently, the National Park Service banned snow-mobiling in Denali Nation Park. 3 The National Audubon Society of today is an offshoot of the Massachusetts state Audubon society. 4 False: Wildlife issues or other environmental issues should be resolved based on public opinion as the majority is never wrong. 5 Following the passage of the net ban amendment in Florida, some commercial fishers tried to use tarps to catch fish. 6 Recently monocrotophos was implicated in the poisoning deaths of Swainson’s Hawks in Argentina. 7 Management efforts on the Kaibab Plateau were aimed mostly at pleasing the public. 8 Arizona is the state with the largest number of wild burros. 9 When campaigning for a certain cause it is important to win whenever possible in order to generate positive propaganda. 10 The waterfowl belong to the taxonomic order Anseriformes. 11 True: Bear-baiting is still practiced in Pakistan and India. 12 Vavilov was the Soviet geneticist who argued against the idea that wheat could be made cold tolerant simply by exposing randomly chosen plants to cold temperatures with no regard for natural cold tolerance. 13 The original Biological Survey was under the Department of Agriculture. 14 False: The pro-boating group in Florida is made up exclusively of boat owners. 15 According to Moulton there are basically 2 categories of wildlife issues. 16 False: Pittman-Robertson money is only used legally for game species. 17 In order for the public to effectively resolve wildlife issues they must first be concerned about the issue. 18 False: Beliefs can be transformed into facts if enough people believe in them. 19 Washington is a western state in the lower 48 that has no wild horses. 20 When the use of Greater Sandhill Cranes as surrogate mothers failed as a conservation measure for Whooping Cranes, scientists turned to captive breeding. 21 The passage of the clean water act in the early 1970s led to the return of mummichog to New York Harbor, which benefited certain water birds. 22 In the early 1900s, many people in the US supported the extermination of wolves in Yellowstone National Park. 23 Missouri is the state where a tax on soft drink cans was used to fund non-game wildlife research. 24 In the 19990’s snow-mobiling was banned in Denali National Park by the National Park Service. 25 Propaganda is used in order to gain support from the masses. 26 Burros were introduced to the US in the 17th century.

27 Beliefs are just a state of mind.
28 According to Guither, animal advocates fall into two general groups. 29 Most of the so-called upland game birds belong to the order Galliformes. 30 Issues involving rare and endangered species generally fall under the US Department of Interior. 31 The green-backed heron is an example of a non-game wading bird. 32 Bear-baiting was a popular English pastime that was outlawed by the Parliament in 1582. 33 In 1985-1986 the division called Animal Damage Control was transferred to the US Department of Agriculture. 34 Game species may become non game species when they become rare. 35 Rain is not considered a wildlife management practice. 36 Beaver and muskrats are classified as furbearers.

37 In 1994 the Florida DEP became concerned about the high number of deaths of manatees. 38 Beau Geste Effect, Over-simplification, and Fear-mongering are hallmarks of propaganda. 39 The penny a pound crop tax is not a method used by states for funding non-game wildlife conservation and research. 40 One proposed way to kill non-indigenous Mute Swans is to pour bleach on the eggs. 41 According tot eh St. Petersburg Times, by the summer of 2000, manatee protection plans (MPPs) had been filed by 4 of the 13 countries that...
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