Wild West

Topics: Cowboy, Cattle, American Old West Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: February 23, 2013
5.07A Wild West

When I hear the word “cowboy” I think of..
1. a tall slender man
2. boots
3. wrangler jeans
4. rural and southern accents
5. hats
6. fishing
7. respectful
8. flannel
9. guns
10. mudding
11. hunting
12. has manners, ex. Yes ma’am, Yes sir.
13. whiskey
14. leather
15. cows
16. poker
17. tobacco

Outlaw: Black Bart
Known as the master outlaw of his time. He had become the master at stealing from stagecoaches. He believed and told that he was a New Yorker and had just moved west. He had accomplished successfully of stealing from 28 stagecoaches of their strongboxes. Women of West: Annie Oakley

With her real name being Phoebe Moses, she had helped her family out a lot, by hunting and selling game so they could survive. Herself and a friend had created a show to where they traveled around and performed; also giving shooting demonstrations. Show Biz: Pat Brady

Much known for being the sidekick of a famous TV show of the time. He was also a in a singing group at the time too. With being the son of traveling performers, he had first stepped foot on stage at the age of four. Cowboy Fact: Cattle Diseases

Much of the heard had to be checked by the cowboys for screw worm larvae that were on the wounds that blowflies made. The disease that cattle had gotten was from a Texas “tick” that many cattle in Texas were immune to. Many states had passed laws to keep the Texas cattle out of their states for spread of the disease was feared.

Southern Love
You have a smile that’s as big as the moon,
And just as sunny and bright as the sun.
Your eyes are as pretty as all outdoors;
All sparkly in the night’s sky.
Your hair is soft as a feather bed.
It floats on summer air
Like a blowing cloud above the range,
And Calico, do declare!
That you've stole my heart strings clean away,
From what I had them secret,
To keep them safe from love's wild...
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