Why Students Fail to Get Required Accounting Skills

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University is a place the where the students gain the knowledge and at the university, the university management strive to the best to ensure that the students receive good quality education. There are various courses and fields available provided at the universities which include a major in accounting. However, at the end of the study, students majoring in accounting is found to have failed to accumulate or to get required accounting skill and these incidents make the universities worries of their performance when they are in the market.

There are several factors why the students fail to accumulate required accounting skills at the end of their learning. The first factor is the students themselves. Students often take for granted the lessons taught in class. Sometimes the attitude which is carelessness towards the career left big impacts towards them. The students should be serious in their study and started to think about the future or else they will feel guilty throughout their life even though they are doing something good elsewhere.

Furthermore, the students are of the habit to procrastinate in their study for example late start of study. The study should start from day one of the beginning of the semester. Students should prepare themselves and do revision beforehand so that they can easily absorb to the teaching taught by the lecturers when the class starts. In addition, the student tend to ignore study material which provided by the university. The students should first read the material and then if required any reference book or assistance about the subject, the lecturer would be the best reference to refer to. Therefore, these can improve their understanding in that particular subject especially in theory. Other than that, students need to develop individual organizational skills. They should be able to track assignments in an agenda and...
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