Why Househusband Is Not Good?

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Title: Why househusband is not good?

Attention Grabbing: Show some picture or video.
Purposes choose this topic: To give information and create awareness why being a househusband is not good. Justification: I think the audience will like this topic because I think not many people know about this topic yet. So I take this opportunity to present to them and let them know why being a househusband is not good.

Househusband is a husband that chooses to stay at home instead of working at a career. A househusband usually has lower income compared to his wife and lead him to choose stay at home rather than working. Beside that, the househusband usually married to a university wife who has more skill compared to him.

1) Divorce rate is rising
* The study showed how finances affect a marriage when it proved that men who lose their jobs or who quit their career are much more likely to get divorced than their employed male counterparts. * The divorce has risen at least 5 per cent in the past 2 years. * Women may feel resentful they have effectively taken on two full-time jobs, juggling a demanding career and having to bring up children too since their partner is not working to help her to support their family. * This may be in part because women often expect their husband to be a provider, and some ladies do not want to be the breadwinner for the family. * What happens on relationship breakdown? It’s has the potential to descend into a very bitter legal battle between the husband and wife.

2) Have impact in health especially heart ills
* Men who considered themselves househusbands for most of their adult life were 82 per cent more likely to die over the ten-year period compared with their counterparts who worked. * The main factor is stress. If men having stress it can impact on cardiac health. * The study, funded by the National...
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