Why Good Database Design Is Important in Performing Data Operation?

Topics: Relational model, Database design, Data Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Why good database design is important in performing data operation?

A good design is significant in performing data operation. Without the good design, it is difficult to make relationship with other database and it will not run competently and also securely (Knight, 2011). This report will discuss the important of good database design, which are crucial for the business in performing operation and making a decision.

Firstly, with the good design, data will be stored in consistent form. Appropriately designed database offers you with entry to current and precise information (Office, n.d.). It has been suggested that investing in time to learn the principles of good design is important due to a correct design is necessary to achieve goals in working with database (n.d.). As a result, the well-prepared database will help to ensure the accurateness and reliability of your information and can easily adjust modification (n.d). For example, Microsoft Access is one of the programs that help to store database in a good form. It is divided into four major steps, which are database creation, data input, query and report (Fizug, n.d.). Before the database is created, there should be the concern about what kind of data that should be stored. The complex group of data will be created in small, stable, but flexible and adaptive data structures to help keeping data in consistent shape (Laudon & Laudon, 2012). This process is called Normalization (2012). Since the database contains structures features like keys, columns, indexes and table and they are all enclosed in database design, during the process of designing, all related information are assemble (Sprinx, 2009). If there is a perfect design for all structures such as table layout, essential key limitations and application of primary keys, the data will be consistent (2009).

Secondly, The perfect design database can help to eliminate redundant or duplicated data (Datanamic, n.d.). The duplicate information or...
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