Why Do I Want an Mba?

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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Running head: WHY DO I WANT AN MBA?


Why Do I Want An MBA? Sandra R. Schubert MGT/521- Management December 10, 2010 Edward Darley

Running head: WHY DO I WANT AN MBA?


Why Do I Want An MBA? A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree not only opens many doors of opportunity for the possessor of the degree, it also increases one’s potential for earning higher salaries and developing a better career path. Along with the prestige this degree brings, increased responsibilities will no doubt be a big part of it. For instance, if one is looking for a career in educational instruction, it is imperative to note that employers will not even bother looking at a resume unless an MBA is attached to it, yet there are those who believe that pursuing an MBA is foolish and a waste of time; I disagree. According to Hansen (1996-2010), "there is growing evidence that having an MBA not only gives you more leverage in dictating new job titles and salary, but also gives you leverage in achieving a better balance between work (read: fewer hours working) and life outside work,” (What an MBA can do for your career, para. 16). My reasons for acquiring the MBA are many and stem from the need to be self-reliant and financially stable. I am not looking to become rich but have a comfortable life. I desire a rewarding career and the MBA will provide opportunities that otherwise would not be there such as teaching online. Advantages of an MBA Degree An MBA installs knowledge of a wide range of subjects like organizational behavior, economics, accounting, operations management, supply chain management, and project management. The MBA program also allows the student after the first year to specialize in a variety of areas such as health care, information technology, or human resources. The Veasley (1996-2010) website stated, “It's an undeniable fact that my MBA has served me well. My graduate work exposed me to knowledge and practical experiences that

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