Why Did Germany Unify Under Prussia and Not Austria Outline

Topics: German Confederation, Prussia, Economics Pages: 3 (502 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Why did Germany unify under Prussia and not Austria?

Thesis: Prussia was economically powerful, militarily advanced, politically stronger with progressive government

Economic Policies: Powerhouse: Prussia debt 11%, Austria debt 26% 1) Zollverein 1818 : customs union
* Ended internal tariffs, encouraged development and communication between the States * Economic leader of the German Confederation; other states looked to Prussia economically * Austria didn’t remove internal tariffs until 1829; was excluded from Zollverein * Prussia had a strong economic base which gave to the opportunity to expand military 2) Population Increase

* 87% of population increase, 2x Austria
* Economically larger, larger work force
3) Industrialization
* Prussia had a booming economy
* Krupp Factory
* Coal and Iron= Steel Production
* Prussia had a booming economy and had the materials to create weaponry for war. * Austria= Agrarian, cotton production

Analysis: Other German states looked to Prussia as the economic leader, Prussia’s ability to expand militarily (large economic base) and industrial base can triumph over Austria in times of war.

Militarily Advanced: defeated Austrian army although outnumbered 300k to 400k 1) Education System: 90% vs. 34% literacy in the army
* Van Humboldt System
* More cohesive army— all spoke one language, could read manuals, be commanded by one general * Austrian soldiers were less educated and from different ethnicities: couldn’t read written manuals, didn’t speak the same language, couldn’t be commanded by one person 2) Developments

* Needleguns vs. Muskets (5 shots in the time of 1)
* Railroads: transport troops by train; owned 56% of railroads * Advanced weaponry; advanced way to transport troops; efficient * Austrians tools were outdated and less effective

3) Strong Leadership
* Moltka: Chief of Staff of war—very strategic
* Bismarck—ability to...
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