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Why Did Explorers Go Out Into the Unknown

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Why Did Explorers Go Out Into the Unknown

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The need for new trade routes
The population of Europe were getting large; the need for trade grew as well. This meant that Europeans had to look outside of their typical routes to find new ways to trade. When returning from the CRusades; crusaders bought back goods from AFrica and the MIddle East, EUropeans began to demand more of these goods over time. At the time Muslim merchants controlled trade routes between Asia and Europe. A bridge from Jeruslem lead to Asia. spices were considered to be extremely valuable in Europe. They were the next best thing to gold. Cinnamon


Where spices come from
Main chief was Mulucas in South East Asia Indonesia a.k.a. the Spice Island Trade with East will be difficult because Muslim rulers would close trade routes between Europe and Asia. As a result Europeans rulers and merchants started searching for a new trade route to Asia. 3Gs

Gold wealth and riches were also motivation to go and explore God spreading Christianity
Glory finding land and trade routes

New technology
Printing press people had access to books people gain more knowledge about geography Gunpowder allowed for new weapons to be developed in technology one weapons on boat was this power controlled Indian Ocean trade network Navel technology. Photographers mapmakers begin to make better maps charts of the seas. Compasses began to be used to figure out the direction out at seas. finally astrolabe was used to figure out the latitude at seas

Why Portugal and Spain
At the time Portugal and Spain were the wealthiest countries in the world

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