Whitlam Government Made a Significant Impact on Social Reform in Australia

Topics: Australia, Gough Whitlam, Immigration Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: March 16, 2013

The Whitlam government made a significant contribution to social reform in Australia through the implementation of key domestic policies. These domestic policies focused on promoting social equality for various minority groups, which had suffered injustice in the past. These groups included Aboriginals, women and migrants. This is reinforced through the Whitlam government establishing the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Land Rights, introducing self- determination, implementing the Racial Discrimination Act and giving Aboriginals the same rights as other Australians. The government successfully introduced multiculturalism, which accepts cultural and ethnic differences within society, by abolishing assimilation and The White Australia Policy. Through Al Grasby, Whitlam ended discriminatory practices related to immigration such as the White Australia policy and altered the Citizenship Act, making all migrants equal. Whitlam also encouraged equality amongst women by creating the Office of Women’s Affairs to promote policies that would help women achieve equality. The government also gave justice to women by giving allowances to single mothers, taking tax costs off contraceptive pills and tutoring migrant women to learn English. Whitlam also established the Family Law Act, which would make it easier for women in custody and property disputes after leaving an abusive relationship. Another successful reform implemented by the Whitlam government was increased spending on education and the abolishment of university fees. Whitlam believed that increasing support for education helped achieve equality, therefore he established the Australian Schools Commission to fund students so they can have access to key educational resources. He abolished higher education fees and took over responsibility for funding universities of advanced education. Whitlam’s education policies helped improve the quality of education and fostered opportunity for all...
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