What Makes a Good Business Submission on Smoking

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What Makes a Good Submission?

Some comments on
“Environmental Tobacco Smoke Kills”

Submission to the Queensland Government on the
Review of Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 2001
(downloadable from Learning@Griffith, Assessment section).


The submission to begin with has a basic title page carrying the interest group’s logo, the title of the document, and the subject on which the submission is based. It also mentions the word count, which is not essential, but desirable. It then has a very straightforward contents page. It is clear from this that the submission received a high distinction mark for its content (i.e. the evidence, persuasiveness of argument, etc) not the quality of the contents page, even though the quality of the presentation is still high throughout.

Name and background of your client

This student has very succinctly described the history of the Queensland Cancer Fund (QCF) in one paragraph.

The issue you are addressing

The next paragraph simply states what problem the submission is addressing: the ill effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) in public places.

Historical background to the issue

This section starts under the heading “Key Developments”. This paragraph puts the issue in historical context, in other words it informs the reader about the bad effects of smoking- even for non-smokers.

The Body (main section of the submission)

The tone of the language it uses is important. Under the section “The Silent Killer”, it says that it is “worst of all, smoking is the leading preventable cause of premature death and illness in the state but the Government still haven’t acted”.

Again, discussion of the problem is followed by discussion of the policy solution and benefits being proposed.

The submission provides evidence to show that smoking bans have positive effects. One of the submission’s strongest points is how it shows the societal...
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