What Justice Means

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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When I hear the word justice I think along the line of making a wrong, right. So to me, justice means having the quality of moral rightness and the being true. Justice is an action taken as to make a situation right or better. The main components of the criminal justice system could be defined as the legislative which are the ones who create laws, the adjudication which is comprise of the courts, and corrections which could be describe as the jails and prisons. How these components interrelate with one another is the fact that they all must or should be working together to achieve justice. In a perfect world, the laws are in order to keep the peace in society and promote public safety. The law enforcement is the enforcement of these laws and should deal with any violators of the laws set by the legislative. Their duties are to detain or arrest and process violators such as drug dealers, murderers, petty crooks, etc. The adjudicators, such as criminal courts, federal courts, divorce courts, civil courts, and the judges involve seeks justice by hearing out the situation and making a decision that could result in jail time, prison time, parole, or whatever else corrections that is just to the accuse. In our “not so perfect world” these components conflicts with one another because of bias and sometime political differences. The laws are still in place to serve its purpose but unfortunately so people don’t agree with them. When someone breaks the law and determining on the nature of the crime, some people feel that justice should prevail in a much harsher punishment than the law would allow. Sometimes justice could be fair and sometimes it is lopsided because of certain people in certain places. The law can be bought as in to work in the favor of criminals as well as the law enforcement. Decisions are sometime made as a political statement which can and is sometimes not just. The conflicts arises in the justice system when one does not agree with the law in certain...
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