What Is Salmonellosis

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  • Published: December 17, 2012
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Medical Factors-
A micro-organism that affects salmonella.
What is salmonellosis?
Salmonellosis is an infection with bacteria called Salmonella, which generally affects the intestines and occasionally the bloodstream. It is one of the more common causes of diarrheal illness. Who gets salmonellosis?

Any person can get salmonellosis, but it is diagnosed more often in infants and children. How Salmonella bacteria spread and affect the digestive system? Salmonella are spread by eating or drinking contaminated food or water OR by contact with infected people or animals; Also because the bacteria enter the body through the digestive system, symptoms will generally be in this part of the body - nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea. In some cases, food poisoning can cause very serious illness or even death. What are the symptoms of salmonellosis?

People infected with Salmonella may experience mild or severe diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever and occasionally vomiting. Bloodstream infections can be quite serious, particularly in the very young or elderly. A carcinogen that affects nicotine.

Nicotine is an alkaloid substance found in cigarettes. It is responsible for the mood-altering effects of smoking. Nicotine, derived from tobacco plants, is responsible for aiding in addiction to cigarettes, and can be extremely harmful to the body. Inhalation

Nicotine enters the lungs during inhalation, where it is transported by tobacco smoke from cigarettes. The nicotine is carried directly into the lungs, where it crosses through the lining of the lungs and into the blood vessels. From the lungs, the nicotine travels to other areas of the body, including the brain and nervous system. Respiratory Distress

Within the respiratory system, nicotine can wreak havoc. The drug irritates the system and causes inflammation. The nicotine also causes constriction of the blood vessels, making air exchange more difficult in the lungs. This, in turn, can cause...
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