What Is Feminism

Topics: Feminism, Radical feminism, Feminist theory Pages: 10 (2258 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Recent news on women and culture
Family structure
Anne Marie Slater wrote article about working mothers
Obama wants to make sure women have equal wages
Pakistan little girl got shot on a bus – outbreak because of women education
Women were just allowed to go on submarines in the Navy
What standards do we use to see if a person is right for a particular job? •Men were being favored for jobs

What is feminism?
Girl power
Spice Girls
o“Who run the world” song
Women can manipulate men with their sexuality
Men become subdued by women’s sexuality
Women’s power is not physical ¬– sexual power
Women have the power to give birth to a child and go back to business (work or sex?) Equality: sameness
The women don’t go through the riot shields (held by the men) Female support (backup dancers are female)
Sex and the City
oYou can’t have love and be powerful?
oMen can put emotions aside and women have attached emotions that keep them from having success oSamantha: can sleep and use a man and be fine with it
oWealthy-ish, sophisticated, pretty, white, all of a certain age oMinna Salami” wrote “Sex and the City and the Post-Feminist Myth” “…even if this type of post-feminism were a reality, it would only apply to women with enough purchasing power to buy equality” small amount of people can fit into this post-feminism sex and the city stereotype

What is a feminist?
Extreme: Someone who looks proper and rags on men
Rosie the Riveter: We can do it
PCU: movie that has a feminist sorority (army clothes, Birkenstocks, etc.)
Fights for liberal causes
Marching, in your face about ideas
Bra burning
Ashley Judge, actress
Radical feminist: no penis

The “F” Word (feminist)
Katy Perry: believes in strength of women, social revolution of feminism of the 70s (source is cosmopolitan)
Taylor Swift: thinks feminism is guys versus girls (source: jezebel.com)
Marissa Mayer (pres and CEO of yahoo): believes in equal rights but thinks feminism is different (source is cosmopolitan)
Beyonce: considers herself a modern-day feminist, believes in equality, but loves her husband

Stereotypes about feminists
Over the top

Feminism in waves
1st wave – Getting the vote
1920: women got the vote
2nd wave – equal rights, access to the workplace, theories of oppression •Betty Friedan – founded NOW, wrote The Feminine Mystique oArgues about women’s essential qualities are good for the workplace, good essential nature, nurturing and kind-hearted, stronger moral compass Doesn’t work because it presents more stereotypes

Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
oHas never been past
View: All women have a good essential nature
Regarded as a white, upper-middle class movement
oThe Lavender Menace, absence of women of colour
Group of gay women
3rd wave – Critique of exclusions in 2nd wave, understanding women as having multiple aspects of their identity (race, class, sexuality, ability, nationality, language, and so on) •Includes a critique of the “waves” metaphor

The Feminist Movement
Early feminists
oWho can you name?
o(see notes on blackboard)

Theoretical Frameworks of Feminism
Liberal Feminism (2nd wave)
Based in “liberalism” which emphasizes individual rights, choice, freedom, privacy •Liberalism central to U.S. political ideas
Women’s oppression is due to:
oExclusion from the public sphere (lack of access to political, social, economic institutions) Social media
Access to the work place
oPerceived Inferiority
Seeks access to existing institutions, so leaves overarching structure intact Socialist Feminism
Socialization: goal is to dismantle capitalism
Based in the Marxist or socialist critique of the economic system of capitalism •The root of women’s...
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