What Intrigues Me

Topics: Thought, Mind, Human Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: May 11, 2013
I was walking around on the streets with my family glazing at the French windows and architecture. The atmosphere was serene and so we went to the beach and while staring at the waves I thought how do some people raise themselves above humanity or are they simply human to live such lives here. I was at Auroville City, Pudducherry. I had come to visit my elder grandparents for a few days who have lived there their entire lives and devoted themselves to Mother, Sri Aurobindho and Auroville Ashram. I visited the Matre mandir where we all were allowed to sit and be with ourselves in the quietest room where you could hear one’s breath. They took me to the “enchanted” forest which was their school’s project from the past 32 years which they grew from barren land. As I have lived a city all my life you never get to see and feel such calmness. I also saw a few 70 year old women riding bicycles! Never in my life have I got to see such different manner of dedication and education. I wondered when do ever get to meet such passionate and intrigued persons in your life. How do they stay so complacent without any money or any other materialistic pleasure? It felt like they had the highest values that have almost vanished. Such values that are beyond my understanding but since then I have wanted to instill a small part of their teachings into my life. It left me both spellbound and incredibly baffled. Although I have chosen the field of fiancé and I could never truly and completely adopt their thoughts and doings but I pray I hopefully can. It seemed as if only they what they do and why and no one else is right. Just thinking makes me wonder whether what I do is worthwhile. Pudducherry for me became a place that is locked away from the rest of the world where one can be with tranquility. Even though I could not stay for long, Auroville and its people moved me from inside and out.
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