What&How I Learnt from the Course?

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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What&How I Learnt from the Course?
There is a strange fact that excellent English learners,you can find,are very familiar with western culture and also can talk it with foreigners freely.But when they talked about our own culture,it became not so easy to explain chinese culture accurately in English.So what role Chinese culture plays in the process of learning English-speaking countries’s culture ? On one hand,it may be obstruct our study.Because it is vastly different from others in some aspect.On the other hand,compared with others,while we learnt other culture,we can known our own culture in a new way and unterstood it deeper at the same time. As I told before,I will discuss mainly the difference between Chinese culture and British (American) culture .Since my limited knowledge,I can only write some simple opinions,meanwhile,it is not across-the-board. • Value

Individualism VS Collectivism
These two kind of values are based on two kind of politics,that is capitalism and communism.Apparently,between capitalism and communism,there were a lot of conflict.But the past and the present have proved that they could exist at the same time.So I can believe that it is also possible to individualism and collectivism. There is no doubt that the indiviualism is the value that most Briton and American appreciated and accepted.In China,several decades ago,the coolectivism was the main value .But,now,is has changed,especially after the Open-up policy put into practise,various values that came from different parts of the world were drawn into and have influenced more and more Chinese.The younger generation is more likely to adopt the individualism and other new values,while the elder generation is still persist in the former value.Because in the time that they had lived,the individualism is equal to egoism.Although the values in China is ont simply but diverse,the collectivism is the mainstream at present and in future. • Religion

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