What Courses Indispline in Schools

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Causes within school; this might include the following,
The teacher taking the lesson is a supply teacher and so is not recognised by the pupils as a figure ofauthority, because he/she is only temporarily teachingthat class. Also the supply teacher may not know the individual names of the pupils - this may give certain kids the excuse to ignore the teacher while he/she is attempting to communicate with them, for a time before they pretend to notice the teacher actually wants their attention. Name games might be played where the pupils assume the names of their friends for example during the register, to confuse the teacher. 2.

A teacher is foreign and cannot speak good English - the pupils can use it to their advantage by purposefully misunderstanding their teacher. Another way for pupils to shirk, is to engage in friendly conversation with the foreign teacher. Asking questions about his or her homeland is often a very successful way of enticing them to talk about subjectswith very little relation to the lesson. 3.

The teacher may be late and so the first few minutes of the lesson werespent in an environment devoid of the basic classroom rules. This bad foundation for the lesson makes pupils more prone to rebellious behaviour 4.

Its the last lesson of the day. For any teacher, sucha time of the day to teach is generally a misfortune. In anticipation of the end ofthe day, pupils take less care over their work and may lose commitment, as thoughts turn to what they have to do after the lesson, e.g piling up homework to deal with or an angry girlfriend who needs talking to. 5.

Of course the standard of discipline is likely to go down even further if a lengthy holiday awaits the end of a Friday afternoon lesson or indeed awaits the end of a school week. 6.
Poor teaching. Usually a teacher who makes more ofan effort to connect with the pupils is more likely to gain their attention. But reading in a monotone froma text book before telling the pupils to get on...
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