What Could Have Happened

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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?What could have happened before?
Plenty of years before the actual Jack visited the hotel, someone had already been there. The funny thing is that it’s someone who looks like him. Anybody could swear it’s him. But how is it possible? More than 40 years had passed and the man in the picture (who looks like he’s in his mid-forties) was still alive and all, visiting the hotel (again)? Some old people living in the town, who were relatively close to the hotel owners, say that nobody really knew the man in the picture. His smile is scary, and when you realize it’s someone who nobody could identify, and the fact that you were there when the picture was taken, you don’t know how to react. The hotel and the town itself are famous due to its mental sanity shortage nowadays. According to a 1922 census, more than forty percent of the inhabitants suffered from nightmares and hallucinations, which in most cases ended in dementia. Most patients would often talk about a man who would speak to them every time winter came. Voices, that is. There’s no real explanation to what could have happened before it all begun or what could have caused dementia all of sudden to these people. It doesn’t make sense, it’s true that nobody knows how it started, but at the same time, they all look like they know something they can’t decipher, and the ones who are still healthy only want to forget everything related to it.

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