Wgss 318i Study Guide

Topics: Feminism, Native Americans in the United States, Third-wave feminism Pages: 3 (499 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Study Guide for W/ST 318I: U.S. Women of Color Midterm

You will need a blue (green) book for this exam and will NOT be permitted to take the exam without one. The exam will last the entire class period and is closed book. It will consist of two sections: identification terms and short answers. Below is a list of topics, words, and phrases that we have learned about thus far. The exam questions will be drawn from this list. For the identification section, you will be given a set of 7 terms and will need to pick 5 to define (8 points each = 40%). For the short answer section, you will be given 7 questions pertaining to a combination of these topics/terms/ phrases and will need to answer 5 of them (12 points each = 60%). Advice: review the reading and your notes from lectures/films and readings carefully. I am looking for the ability to discuss these concepts in a way that reveals that you really understand what they mean and can use them properly to comment on the events you have learned about.

Sample short answer questions:
Name three (3) “realities” behind the myths of Asian American wealth & employment that Deborah Woo discusses in her essay.

How does the website, “Black People Love Us!” and Eddie Murphy’s skit, “White Like Me” address whiteness and white privilege?

Topics, Terms, Concepts, People, Phrases:

Identity is the Bane of Subjectivity’s …
Madrigal v. Quilligan
Double Consciousness
Difference between Colored and of Color
One-drop rule
White Privilege and Whiteness
Black People Love Us!
“White Like Me”
Common characteristics & purposes of nationalist movements Possibilities & obstacles with the nationalist concept of family Responses to sexism from WOC nationalist movement members
Third World Liberation Front
Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash
Cult of True Womanhood
Sojourner Truth
First Wave feminism
Second Wave feminism
Third Wave feminism...
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