Welding Outline

Topics: Welding, Arc welding, Gas tungsten arc welding Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Welding Outline

1. History of Welding
a. Welding can be traced back to the Bronze Ages, where pressure welding was first developed. b. The Egyptians were also one of the first to use pressure welding. c. The blacksmith of the middle ages was the one to bring forge welding into the world. d. Early types of welding were used for holding items together for some project. As for the blacksmith in the Middle Ages it was more for horse shoes or fixing iron material for peoples equipment. 2. Types of Welders

a. Arc Welder (Uses electricity to create a arc to fuse metal together) b. MIG Welder (Wire Feed Welder) [
c. TIG Welder (Tungsten Inert Gas Welder)
d. Acetylene Welding (Uses Oxygen and Acetylene gas to form a flame and melt the metal to be welded. e. Spot Welder (Used for welding light metal sheets together, usually sheet metal) f. Forge Welding (Heating the metal up until its red and pounding the two pieces together until they stay together) 3. Types of Welds

a. Butt Weld: (Two pieces parallel to each other)
b. Lap Weld: (Pieces over lapping on top of one another) c. Tee Weld: (Is an upside-down “T”)
d. Corner Weld: (Take to pieces and make a 90 degree angle, weld the corner) e. Vertical: (Going up or down)
f. Horizontal: (Going side-to-side)

4. How/What Welders are Used
a. Arc Welders: Used for heavier steel because of the power they have to burn through thicker compounds. Can be used on lighter metals as well if adjusted properly. b. MIG Welders: Used for light to medium duty jobs, they require the steel to be clean to get a good arc, or the weld will be useless. While Arc Welders are able to burn through rust or any impurities in the steel. Used highly in automotive industry, because of portability and ease of use. c. TIG Welders: Can be used on a wide variety of metals. It is a very...
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