Week One Critical Thinking Questions

Topics: Oxygen, Moon, Earth Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Chapter 1 Critical and Creative Thinking Questions:
3. Uniformitarianism accounts for these catastrophic events because events that are happening now happened in the past can happen again in present or future time. 4. Geologic processes affect our daily lives through dependence of Earth’s resources. We adapt through changes on Earth from volcanoes, floods, and earthquakes. We have to adapt to live on the planet.

Chapter 2 Critical and Creative Thinking Questions:
1. The same minerals that are found on Earth and the moon could mean that in the early stages of Earth that the moon broke away as a chunk from Earth. Yes, I would expect minerals on Mars or Venus to be very similar to the ones on Earth. 2. Water is not a mineral, it is not a solid.

Beach sand is a mineral, it is made up of broken down rocks. Diamonds are minerals; it is the hardest known substance. Wood is not a mineral, it is organic.
Vitamin pills are not a mineral, they are organic compounds. A gold nugget is a mineral; it is formed through geologic processes. A fish bone is not a mineral; it is formed by organic processes. An emerald is a mineral; it is a green variety of the mineral beryle.

Chapter 3 Critical and Creative Thinking Questions:
3. The rock formations in Mississippi are a little over five million years old. I would find the answer to this question by using radiometric dating. 4. The Jurassic period has rock formations in the Jura Mountains. Fossils from this time include fish and plants.

Chapter 14 Critical and Creative Thinking Questions:
1. The two planets evolved so differently because Venus is closer to the Sun and Earth is further away from the Sun. Earth gradually turned carbon dioxide into oxygen by use of photosynthesis through plants producing oxygen that all living things need. Earth’s oceans would be evaporated if Earth was closer to the Sun. 4.The mammals would have become extinct if the...
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