Week 7 Homework

Topics: Nicotine, Menthol, Menthol cigarette Pages: 3 (555 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Week 7MA 311011/5/2012
Pg. 485
Q: 8
Number in group129805n's
Number experiencing insomnia1913x's
a=0.05(a) p-bar=(x1+x2)/(n1 + n2)0.034261242
n1 =129(b) z=(p-hat diff)/sqrt(p-bar*q-bar*(1/n1+1/n2))7.601787316 n2 =805q-hat's(c) za/2 = ±1.96
p1-hat=0.1472868220.852713178(d) P-value=2.93099E-14 p2-hat=0.0161490680.983850932

Q: 10
(a) E=0.06177357OR using the table value
(b)0.069364183 µ2claim
n1 =25t=(x-bar diff)/sqrt(s1^2/n1+s2^2/n2)8.074687922 n2 =25P-value=1.33814E-08

"Reject Ho; there is sufficient evidence to conclude that μ1 – μ2 > 0. There is sufficient evidence to support the claim that unfiltered king size cigarettes have a mean tar content greater than that of filtered 100 mm cigarettes. The results suggest that filters are effective in reducing the tar content in cigarettes. "

Pg. 500
Q: 19
H0: m1 = m2
H1: m1 ≠ m2
n1 =25t =-0.721387321ABS=0.721
n2 =25P-value =0.477874634

Do not reject Ho; there is not sufficient evidence to conclude that μ₁–μ₂≠0. There is not sufficient evidence to support the claim that menthol cigarettes and non-menthol cigarettes have different amounts of nicotine. No; menthol does not appear to have an effect on the nicotine content.
Pg. 512
Q: 12
Flight scheduled one day in advance 4566146281088943567...
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