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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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Running Head: Fort HALLECK

Community Profile
September 2, 2012

First named Camp Halleck after the then commander of the United States Army Major General Henry Halleck, the camp was formed in 1867. It was renamed Fort Halleck in 1879. During its early years, the camp became the social center for the nearby valleys. Much of the goods and other materials required by the camp were furnished by local ranchers. The camp’s soldiers were frequent patrons to local saloons and dance halls. The soldiers were paid in government greenbacks. But to by goods or a drink required gold and silver plus a 50 percent premium for converting greenbacks. Soon after the completion of the Central Pacific railroad at the town of Halleck, there was constant pressure in Washington, D.C. to move the fort closer to the railroad. This never happened due to the high cost of constructing the fort in the first place. The fort was 12 miles from the October of 1886. Today there are no physical remains of the once most expensive fort in military history.

Now all that is left here are two large ranches and ours “. Population of about 25 here in Halleck. There has been no crime other than some cattle rustling last year but we as a community caught them then called the Sherriff. Time has a way of not reaching here as fast and furious as it would other places. We check the fence line as they did 100 years ago, by horse.
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