Weed Science and Control

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PCP 506


Weed Science and Control


3 Units


Three hours per week

Course Coordinator:
Office Location:
Other Lecturers:

Dr. Adeyemi, Olusegun Raphael
Room 147, COLPLANT
Prof. Lagoke, S. T. O., Prof. Adigun J. A. and Dr. (Mrs)
Olorunmaiye, P. M.

Weed definition, classification, and economic importance.Weed biology: reproduction, mechanism of weed seed dissemination, prolificity, survivability, persistence and colonisation. Seed viability, dormancy. Germination, adaptability to environment growth and feeding habits. Parasitic weeds. Weed management: prevention, eradication and control. Methods of weed control: cultural, chemical, biological and integrated. Herbicides: classification, formulation, methods of application, dosage calculation, application equipment and their calibration for uniform and adequate delivery of herbicides, herbicide handling and disposal, assessment of herbicide performance. Weed control in crop and non-crop situations, cereals, legumes, vegetables, fibrers, root and tuber crops, lands cape, road-side, estate, aquatic environment etc.

Practical : weed predictive index determination: weed seed types and population in soil bank, collection, classification and identification of weed types. Herbicide application, weed seed germination and weed control experiments. Calibration of sprayers ,classification of herbicides. Field application of herbicides. Movement of herbicides in soil.

This is a compulsory course for all student in the College of Plant Science and Crop Production. In view of this, students are expected to participate in all the Course activities and practicals. A minimum attendance of 75% is required to be able to write the final examination.

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Definition of Weeds
 The definition of weed is predicated on human perception , desire and needs.
 A weed is a plant which interferes with human activity or welfare.  It is also defined as plant growing in a place where it is not desired at a particular point in time.
Origin and Evolution of weeds
• In a stable (climax) vegetation, all plant species are equally naturally adapted. Weeds evolved (i) when the stable environment is disturbed through human activities. (ii) from ecotypes that have evolved from wild colonizers in response to continuous habitat disturbances and selection pressures.

(iii) as a result of the products of hybridization between wild domestic races of crop plants. Effects of Cropping Practices on biodiversity
Practices that Increase Biodiversity:
• Intercropping

Crop Rotation

Cover cropping

Strip cropping

Practices that Decrease Biodiversity:
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