Wedding Dance Short Story

Topics: Beowulf, Grendel's mother, Hroðgar Pages: 3 (444 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Beowulf Activities
Reading Questions In Your Notebook:
As we read each section of Beowulf, you should answer the questions in your notebook. This can be informal language, (incomplete sentences, slang, etc).

You will have three quizzes over the reading questions.

Your Graphic Novel:
As we read, you will be writing and drawing a graphic novel to go along with Beowulf. For each section, you should have a picture and at least three, complete sentences of description. Paper and colored pencils are available in my room.

I will be assigning a couple of as we read.

Practice Persuasive Essay:
We will be doing an in-class practice for the persuasive essay part of the ACT.

Beowulf Reading Questions:
The Wrath of Grendel: 105
Hrothgar- Lord of the Danes, Herot- Meadhall/ hangout place
Who is Grendel?
Why is Grendel so angry? What are the people doing that annoys him? What is Grendel? Where does he come from?
What exactly does Grendel do?
What do the people of Herot do?
What does this mean for Grendel?
What things do the people try to do to get rid of Grendel?

The Coming of Beowulf: 180
Healfdane’s Son- Hrothgar, Beowulf- Higlac’s follower/ a Geat/ Edgetho’s son What does Beowulf do when he finds out about the trouble in Herot? Who accompanies him?
What is Beowulf’s religion?
Who greets them?
Why does Beowulf say he has come?
What does Beowulf tell Hrothgar during their conversation?
What is Beowulf’s plan for killing Grendel?

The Battle with Grendel: 115
What does Grendel find at Herot?
What does Grendel do?
What happens when Grendel attacks Beowulf?
How does the battle go down?
What is the result of the battle?

The Monster’s Lair: 35
What does Hrothgar tell Beowulf the next day?
What does Hrothgar ask of Beowulf?

The Battle with Grendel’s Mother: 170
What is Beowulf going to do about Hrothgar’s problem?
How long does Beowulf swim to get to Grendel’s Mother’s lair? Describe in...
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