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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Name: Mohamed Khizer Kasmani
Site Name: Curtin University (Sarawak Malaysia)
Site URL/Address:
Brief Description of Site: Curtin University Sarawak is an off-shore campus of Curtin University, a university based in Perth, Western Australia. It provides local and international students with higher education in Sarawak, Malaysia. Brand Image of Site: The brand is far more than just its logo. The brand articulates the desired position in the market place. It is known as an innovative university and aims to be among the top twenty universities in Asia by 2020. The university supports and reinforces the strategy and vision to be forward thinking in what and how they teach and research; the graduates they produce; and how they innovate. Site Overview:

Evaluation Criteria (7C’s of Framework):
NOTE: The ratings in the above questionnaire is a range of (0-5) where 0 being No and 5 being Maximum or Yes. A. ORIGIN -What is the website's origin?| Rating| The organisation providing the site is clearly indicated.| 5| There is information about the site's authors (About Us, Our Objectives, Mission Statement, etc.)| 4| The site's creators have provided their credentials (if need be).| 5| The site's creators have indicated the source of their materials where it is necessary to do so.| 5| There is an address made available for further information and questions concerning the site's information and content.| 5|

B. CONTEXT and DESIGN -Is the website well designed?| Rating| Structural layout of the site| 4| Performance of the site(speed, reliability,platform independence, media accessibility Usability) | 3| Aesthetics( colour scheme & visual themes ‘look and feel’)|...
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