Waves, Light, Em Spectrum

Topics: Electromagnetic radiation, Wavelength, Electromagnetic spectrum Pages: 3 (549 words) Published: June 6, 2012
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Chapter 17:

Mechanical Waves: a disturbance in matter that carries energy from one place to another

Transverse Waves: a wave that causes the medium to vibrate at right angles to the direction in which the wave travels.

Surface waves: a wave that travels along a surface separating two media

Longitudinal waves: a wave tin which the vibration of the medium is parallel to the direction to wave travels

Sound waves: longitudinal waves

Diffraction: the bending of a wave as it moves around an obstacle or passes through a narrow opening

Refraction: the bending of a wave as it enters a new medium at an angle.

Reflection: when a wave bounces off a surface that it cannot pass through

Crest: the highest point of the wave above rest position

Amplitude: the maximum displacement of the medium from rest position

Rarefaction: an area where the particles in a medium are spread out

Compression: an area where the particles of a medium are spaced close together

Trough: the lowest point of a wave below rest position.

Wavelength: the distance between a point on one wave and the same point on the next cycle of the

Frequency: the number of complete cycles in a given time

The Doppler Effect: a change in sound frequency caused by the motion of the sound source, motion of the listener, or both

Constructive interference: when two or more waves combine to produce a wave with a larger displacement

Destructive interference: when two or more waves combine to produce a wave with smaller displacements

Wave Calculation Equations: Draw all 4 triangles, be able to calculate answers like wkbk 4-51 to 4-54

Draw Figure 2 and label p. 501 here:

Draw and label figure 3...
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