Warehouse Management

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1.1 Literature Survey

The main objective of this project is to computerize the Warehouse Management System. Warehouse is a place where materials are stocked. Warehouse deals with wide range of computer spares like drivers, monitors, add-on cards and multimedia products etc. For that, they need several materials and components. To get better and sufficient

components with least cost and with better quality they place the order to the suppliers to accomplish the purchase task. After receiving the

required material the finished goods are prepared and dispatched. Service for finished goods are done.

As the first step, the Customer places the purchase order to the Head Office. If all the terms and conditions are satisfied, it sends the purchase order to the Warehouse management department. The

Warehouse department keys-in the purchase order and if the stocks are available for the purchase order, the warehouse department sends the goods to the Customer along with a delivery note. A copy of the

delivery note is sent to the HO and it produces the invoice, which is sent to the customer. In the Warehouse, if the quantity on hand value of the products becomes less than that of the re-order level of the product. The warehouse places an order to the supplier seeking for the product with their quantity mentioned. These details are noted down as in the order details of the warehouse.

When the stock arrives from the supplier to the warehouse, Raw materials inward note is prepared. After inspection of the goods, the

goods that are turned to be good and without any defects are accepted. Warehouse also maintains the details of the Category of product and the Amenities attached to the Category of the product. The Warehouse has

the writes to Cancel any Order placed to the supplier incase there is any delay. The reliable report makes the process more comfortable.

1.2 Company Profile

SRM SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE is a company committed to provide support to small, medium and large corporations in the development and management of software essential to their needs over the entire life cycle of a project or system. All corporations, regardless of size, need to process enormous amounts of data in support of the dayto-day operation of the company and the dependence on a corporate information system and up-grade the existing ones. In seeking efficient and cost-effective approaches to manage change, many companies have found outsourcing to be particularly attractive.

SRM Systems and Software Private Limited has been established in 1998 with the objective of providing software solutions to the Domestic and Export markets as well as for developing highly skilled manpower in specialized areas of Information Technology.

Promoted by a group of highly qualified Engineering Managers. SRM has its offices at Austin, Boston, Chennai, and in Delhi. Equipped with the latest Computing Hardware and Software backed by skilled manpower. SRM provides comprehensive solutions for the industry

software development needs on turnkey basis.

The accent of SRM is not merely on new and emerging technologies. IT professional are more concerned with providing its

clients reliable, flexible and maintainable solutions to their business problem. SRM realizes that the watchwords of yesterday “Leading Edge Technology” need to be tempered in favor of cost containment.

SRM Systems and Software is here to provide expert services and support for “change management” in software systems allowing your organization to focus...
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