War Outline

Topics: Anti-war, United States, Peace movement Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: November 26, 2012
It was mid-spring in the United States Capitol- Washington, DC, the grass was green and onlookers could take in the view of the Washington Monument. On the specific date of April 17, 1965, the streets were not only occupied by historical monuments and statues of American History, but also occupied of 25,000 outraged protesters against the Vietnam War. This rally, organized by the Students for a Democratic Society, was the first significant act of defiance towards the Unites States Government. And this act of defiance was the beginning of a societal trend of abhorrence towards the Vietnam War. An angered country, defiance in Society and opposition in many households, is just the commencement of the Antiwar Movement.

* Anti-War Movement (Overview):
1. A country-wide disapproval of the Vietnam War.

a. “We weren’t on the wrong side in Vietnam, we were the wrong side.” –Daniel Ellsberg The most Dangerous Man in America.. b. Many Households disliked it because the number of people being drafted rapidly increased over two months and it affected them. c. The deaths of the soldiers were twice as heartbreaking because they died in a war that their families disapproved of.

2. The Vietnam War was the first war to be played out in people’s homes (on their televisions and radios). d. Several different News Channels showed clips and photos taken by photographers and videographers in Vietnam. e. The general public couldn’t stand the realities of war, such as dying children and mass murders etc. f. This meant the general public scrutinized and judged it more often than previous wars. g. It was even worse with the fact that most people didn’t see why the US army was involved in the first place

* The Beginning of the Anti War Movement.
* “Hey, Hey LBJ! How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?”
* Celebrities and The Anti War Movement.
* Muhammad Ali....
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