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31283 WANs and Virtual LANs
Course area Delivery Requisite(s) Result type UTS: Engineering and Information Technology Autumn 2012; City 31277 Routing and Internetworks OR 31471 Networking 2 Grade and marks

Credit points 6cp

Subject coordinator
Dr Wenjing Jia Lecturer, School of Computing and Communications Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Phone: (02) 9514 7873 Email:Wenjing.Jia@uts.edu.au

Teaching staff
Dr Wenjing Jia Phone: (02) 9514 7873 Email:Wenjing.Jia@uts.edu.au A/Prof. Graham Lee Phone: (02) 9514 4473 Email:Graham.Lee@uts.edu.a u Notes: The Subject Coordinator and the teaching staff may be contacted by Email (preferred) or phone if you have matters of a personal nature to discuss, e.g., illness, study problems, team problems, team re-assignment, or a request for an appointment outside consultation hours. You can also come to see the Coordinator in her consulting hours which are posted on UTS Online. All Emails must bear a meaningful description in the 'Subject' boxof the email,beginning with the subject number 31283 for a timely response. For example, '31283/Tutor Name/team problems', '31283/Tutor Name/request for late submission due to illness', '31283/Tutor Name/I have no team', etc . Generally, questions regarding assessment and the subject should be raised in the lectures or tutorials, or on UTS Online. This ensures that all students get the benefit of the information given. Emails that are considered better answered in class or on UTS Online may not receive a reply.

Subject description
This subject extends the work covered in Networking Fundamentals and Routers, Routing Basics and Internetworking. VLANs (Virtual LANs) and WAN (Wide Area Network) protocols are studied. VLANs connecting to different WAN technologies are implemented. Practical work is on Cisco switches and routers within the UTS Cisco Academy. After completing this subject students should be prepared for sitting the industry certification CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) exam.

Subject objectives
At the end of this subject, the student will be able to: 1. List the major concepts, theories and principles that are used in the implementation of a Local Area Network (LAN) and how the LAN can connect to a Wide Area Network (WAN) or the Internet to meet the computer networking needs of an organization. 2. Describe layer 2 switching protocols and concepts used to improve redundancy, propagate VLAN information, and secure the portion of the network where most users access network services. 3. Explain the underlying processes of the common Layer 2 switching technologies for LANs. 4. Implement, verify, and troubleshoot switching technologies. 5. Summarise and describe WAN technologies including PPP, Frame Relay, and broadband links. 21/02/2012 (Autumn 2012) © University of Technology, Sydney Page 1 of 12

6. Describe WAN security concepts including types of threats, how to analyse network vulnerabilities, general methods for mitigating common security threats and types of security appliances and applications. 7. Identify and explain the major issues associated with the design and implementation of a LAN using VLANs and wireless LANs, and interconnecting these to a corporate WAN or the Internet. 8. Construct and test (in a laboratory environment) a network of VLANs, wireless LANs and WANs using a selection of technologies and techniques. 9. Summarise WAN converged applications and quality of service (QoS). 10. Explain the principles of traffic control and access control lists (ACLs) and describe how to implement IP addressing services for an Enterprise network, including how to configure NAT and DHCP. 11. Use Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) to secure a router and implement IP addressing services. 12. Detect, troubleshoot and correct common Enterprise network implementation issues.

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