Matthew currently has enough money to buy 45 toy cars. If the cost of each car was 10 cents less, Matthew could buy 5 more cars. How much money does Matthew have to spend |
| |
| |
| |
40,45,50,75 ans 45
How many 3-person groups can be formed in a club with 8 people? Ans 56
Daria can wash and detail 3 cars in 2 hours. Larry can wash and detail the same 3 cars in 1.5 hours. About how long will it take to wash and detail the 3 cars Daria and Larry worked together? Ans 51min

In a class of 200 students, 120 students take German, and 100 study French. If a student must study at least one of these languages, what percent of the students study French but not German? Ans 40%

The sales tax rate in Jackson is 8% of which the town keeps all the proceeds. The town is saving for a new traffic meter which costs $124. How much must the Jackson sell to earn enough money to purchase the new traffic meter? $1148.15

A builder has a wooden board measuring 231" long. She needs to cut this board into 20 separate boards. What should the length of each board be? 11.6
Janet can type 250 words in 5 minutes, what is her typing rate per minute? 50wpm
Peter bought 30 party favors for $105.00. What was the cost of each one? 3.50
Cindy has 3 pair of slacks and 4 coordinating sweaters. How many different outfits can she wear? 12
At Carmine’s Italian Grill the hourly wage for a chef is 20% greater than that of a dishwasher, and the hourly wage of a dishwasher is half as much as the hourly wage of a manager. If a managers wage is $8.50 per hour, how much less than a manager does a chef earn each hour? 3.40

A florist buys roses at $0.50 a piece and sells them for $1.00 a piece. If there are no other expenses, how many roses must be sold in order to make a profit of $300? 600
Six cups of flour are required to make a batch of cookies. How many cups of flour are needed to make enough cookies to fill 12 cookie jars, if each cookie jar holds 1.5 batches? 108
If a...
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