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Topics: Business ethics, Corporate social responsibility, Ethics Pages: 8 (1576 words) Published: September 24, 2012


Unit Co-ordinator: Dr Colin Higgins Stansfield College, Singapore


Subject Title: Subject Code:

Business Ethics & Sustainability

Unit of Study Co-coordinator and Lecturer: Dr Colin Higgins
Room 11.15 City Flinders Campus Flinders Street, Melbourne, Australia Telephone: +61 3 9919 1482 Email: Details TBA

Local Lecturer

General Aim:
This subject aims to develop your awareness of the socio-cultural environment in whichbusiness operates. Consideration will be given to ethical frameworks for decision makingandyou will be introduced to the debates surrounding corporate responsibility andsustainable development. Emphasis will be given to understanding the pressures for business arise,and the various models that structure organisational responses.

Subject Outcomes:
On completion of the subject, you should be able to: 1. Distinguish between ethics, the law, and religious doctrine and also be able todescribe the role of culture in ethical decision making. 2. Identify and explain the ethical issues associated with the western capitalist businesssystem. 3. Discuss perspectives of corporate responsibility in the context of contemporarybusiness issues. 4. Outline the sustainability agenda and identify the implications for business.

Subject content:
The subject includes:  Normative ethical theory and its foundations: Rights, justice, Kant and utilitarianism  The ethical bases of capitalism  The application of complex reflective practice and analytical models for ethical decision-making  An exploration of models of ethical decision making  An understanding of ethical issues in business settings  Corporate social responsibility, stakeholder accountability and sustainable development

BMO5501 Business Ethics and Sustainability


Prescribed Text:
There is no prescribed text for this subject. There are a series of weekly readings available on the WebCT site. The readings are: Class 10.05.12 11.05.12 11.05.12 11.05.12 12.05.12 Topic Introduction Normative ethical theory Contemporary ethical theory and environmental ethics Ethics and decision-making Sustainability and Sustainable development Reference Campbell, T., &Mollica, D. (2009). Introduction. In T. Campbell & D. Mollica (Eds). SustainabilityAshgate: Farnham, Surrey. pp. v-xliv Shaw, W., Barry, V. &Sansbury, G. (2009). Moral issues in business: First AsiaPacific edition.Cengage: Australia pp. 57-93. Shaw, W., Barry, V. &Sansbury, G. (2009). Moral issues in business: First AsiaPacific edition.Cengage: Australia pp. 386-413. Crane, A., &Matten, D. (2007). Business Ethics (2nd ed.) Oxford University Press: Oxford. pp.127-163. Carley, M. & Christie, I. (2000). Managing sustainable development.Earthscan: London. pp. 3-24 Gladwin, T. N., Kennelly, J. J., & Krause, T.-S. (1995). Shifting Paradigms for Sustainable Development: Implications for Management Theory and Research. Academy of Management Review, 20(4): pp. 874-907. 12.05.12 Corporate social responsibility Windsor, D. (2006). Corporate social responsibility: Three key approaches. Journal of Management Studies, 43(1), pp. 93-114. Garriga, E., &Mele, D. (2004). Corporate social responsibility theories: Mapping the territory. Journal of Business Ethics, 53(1/2), pp. 51-71. 12.05.12 Stakeholders and corporate citizenship Donaldson, T., & Preston, L. (1995). The stakeholder theory of the corporation: Concepts, evidence, and implications. Academy of Management Review, 20(1), pp. 65-91. Matten, D., & Crane, A. (2005). Corporate citizenship: Toward an extended theoretical conceptualization. Academy of Management Review, 30(1), pp. 166179. 25.05.12 08.06.12 Corporations, distribution and the business system A sustainable economy Velasquez, M. (1992). Business ethics: Concepts and cases. Prentice Hall: Englewood Cliffs,...
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