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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: Final Exam Review
Voyages: From Tongan Villages to American Suburbs
By Cathy A. Small
Study Guide
Chapter one:
1. The impact is that people who migrate bring money back to the village. Along with the money they also bring new cultural ideas and myths about the places they’ve traveled. 2. Tapa making is very important for the women of Tonga, they have a group that meets for 14 weeks to make one cloth for one woman. Most people also farm with help from the whole family. They all listen to the radio at night. 3. Tongans used to make money by farming (70%) which changes in the future. 4. Two myths are that Tongans are poverty stricken and poor and they are landless. The first myth is not true because although they may look poor to use, to them they were making out pretty well. The second myth is false, Tonga was actually and rich only 35% had registered their land ownership, but 2/3 had access to lands by relatives. Chapter two:

1. Kautaha was a cooperative group of women that make tapa cloth. They grew the bark, dyed the bark, fished and traveled together. This tradition died out in the 50’s and was replaced by the rotating form used today. The new system made the cloths faster and sold them faster, they were not set in the house to be admired. 2. In 1932 people starting using US cash to buy the mats from the mat making group. 3. Although capitalism was coming into the Tongan society, they still had strong ties to their family. They would sell their family thins for less money 4. America was seen as big and high, people who migrated anywhere had a special status when they returned. When people returned they were “bigger.” Chapter three:

1. Eseta was Seini’s sister, and she and her husband were brought over on a fifth preference visa (unite families). 2. Chain migration is the idea that once the first person migrates, they bring someone else over, then that person brings...