Vocabulary for California History

Topics: California, Spanish missions in California, United States Pages: 4 (825 words) Published: December 12, 2012
California History Vocabulary

July 1769: Spanish Gov. chose to settle in California in San Diego 1542 official welcoming for Spanish to California
October 12,1492: Columbus’ expedition to find treasure for queen Isabella 1517 Spanish created civilization where the Native Americans were 1519 Cortez comes to shore at the FIRST Spanish city Vera Cruz Aztec- Montezuma was the god there at the time Cortes came to America

-Montezuma sent 13,000 pounds of gold to Cortes to leave his land. * Didn’t work, instead Cortes went to the land and obtained more gold. Francisco Picarro- 1553 led a group of men to what is now Peru Inctas- were the most powerful at the time Picarro came

1542 Cabrillo- led the first successful expedition to San Miguel (San Diego) -Stone Aged Native Americans- Cabrillo found out that the Native Americans didn’t have gold so he told everyone when he came back that there was no gold in California. Strait of Aman- is a mythical strait that allowed the Spanish to go through central/South America in order to prove their theory correct about going west to east. 1565- Spanish went to the colony of Manila where they found a new kind of treasure Manila Galleon- started 1765-1810, traded valuable Asian treasure June 1577- Drake landed in California he said that the Native Americans had Metal as jewelry but it is not true. 1600- In Mexico city there was already a university, medical school, library, and immigration from Spain/European people of 2,000. 1607- English men settled down the Spanish in mexico city made the single most modern city in the world. Russians and American Fur Company- trading between a private company to go out and gather pelts. Biggest buyers china korea. Meynard Geiger(?) a historian in the 20th century was ordered to research Junipero Serra in order to make him a Saint. Government and the mission system- Gov. was thrilled because the mission system was teaching the Natives English and trying to teach them on how to survive...
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