Vitamin Identify Machine

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A Machine to identify Vitamins
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Abstract. Vitamin is one of the essential elements of human body. To keep our human body fit there is no alternative way of vitamins. We get this essential element in different foods, fruits, vegetable etc. But now a days this vitamin is being identified and measured by the biological and chemical activities which are very much complicated procedure and time consuming. So an automatic vitamin identify machine is needed to make the operation easy. My Vitamin Identify Machine which I am thinking to invent can solve the problem easily. Someday the machine must be invented to make my dream true.

Key words: Computer, Identifier device, Container.

1 Introduction
Vitamins are organic compounds, which are needed by an organism in tiny amounts. Vitamins are classified by their biological and chemical activity, not their structure. Jacob Exler, nutritionist for the Nutrient Data Research Branch of the Human Nutrition Information Service, told us that there are two types of analytical procedures to measure the vitamin content of foods, chemical and microbiological: The chemical procedures measure the actual amount of a vitamin or a derivative of the vitamin, and the microbiological procedures measure the biological activity of the vitamin on some selected organism. [1] Today, chemical procedures are in vogue. In the past, microbiological studies were more common, and researchers tested not only on bacteria but on live rats. In fact, as late as the 1970s, the FDA used approximately twenty thousand rats a year just to test foods for vitamin D content. But it is very much complicated procedure to identify vitamins and measure the amount of vitamins. Before, people did not think about the easiest way to complete the operation because of the lack of medical and science technology. Now a days it has become an important...
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