Visual Aids

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Visual aids help connect your audience with your message. When properly prepared and used, they can help speeches in many different ways. But if they are used improperly, they can become a liability.

Visual aids support your ideas and improve audience comprehension of your presentation

Visual aids add variety to your presentation by giving the audience a break from listening and letting them see something

Visual aids help illustrate complex ideas or concepts and are helpful in reinforcing your ideas

Enliven a difficult/boring subject

Make a presentation entertaining

Help the presenter to stick to the intended plan

Advantages of Visual Aids
The strength of Visual aids results from a certain weakness of words as communication tools. Words can have powerful effects, but they are essentially abstract. That is, they call up ideas of things rather than refer directly to what you can touch, see, hear, or feel. Visual aids can overcome this weakness by giving your audience direct sensory contact with your message: ■ Visual aids aid understanding

■Visual aids make your speech memorable.
■Visual aids establish the authenticity of your words.
■ Effective Visual aids enhance credibility.
■Visual aids add variety to a speech.

Disadvantages of Visual Aids
Presentation aids also have the potential to harm your speech. Recognizing potential problems can help you avoid them or lessen their impact: ■Visual aids may distract your listeners.
■Visual aids can distract you.
■Visual aids can interfere with eye contact with listeners. ■ Poor Visual aids can damage your credibility.
■Visual aids put you at the mercy of equipment.
Types Of Visual Aids that im going to report:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Advantages of Blackboard:
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