Viral Marketing Techniques, Advantage & Disadvantages

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21 September 2012

Viral Marketing
These years, the competitions among companies become more and more furious. In order to survive and develop, most companies try to make use of any strategy or tactic that can help them to enlarge their market share and build a strong brand. The traditional Medias such as television, newspaper, radio and printed Ads were over used in the last decade. Using these traditional ways to promote a product or service can no longer stimulate audience’s passion and urge effectively. Because in some extent, audiences were used to receiving information’s by the old fashion way, they needed something new, interesting and something unique in receiving information’s.

What is Viral Marketing

The main idea behind any marketing strategy is to create brand visibility and awareness. Viral Marketing is a tested strategy to meet the same. The term 'Viral Marketing was 'popularized by Mr. Jeffrey Rayport in 1996. Just as the term implies it is a way of spreading a message. Viral marketing is the new emerging marketing tool, which uses social networking to spread the message.

The online encyclopedia definition to Viral Marketing and Viral advertising as referring to marketing techniques that uses pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of pathological and Computer viruses.

Viral marketing is very simple; it is pretty much the same way a cold can be spread from person to person, attention can easily be drawn to your business. It can take the form of a "Tell a Friend" button on the web site, e-mail messages distributed to multiple addresses, instant messages, or text messages displayed on cell phones. This marketing tool refers to word of mouth or "buzz" created by a marketing campaign, and a viral marketing business model is one in which a business spreads using viral marketing techniques. Used correctly, a viral marketing business model can reach far more customers than a typical marketing campaign.

Viral Marketing Techniques

If you think about a biological virus, it infiltrates the human body and stealthily inserts itself into a cell. It replicates, and then its replicas replicate, and before long, one little virus has turned into many that makes a person sick. Viral marketing techniques use catchy and engaging materials that people want to pass along or share, or perhaps inadvertently pass along and share. One person begins to engage in the marketing program and passes it along to another, who continues to pass it along. With today's social networking phenomena, a good viral marketing campaign doesn't just pass from one person to another but to hundreds through various social networking websites.

Types of Viral Marketing

Many people think of videos when they imagine viral marketing, but viral techniques can take many forms. Video clips are by far the most popular, with funny pet clips or other antics on YouTube reaching millions of viewers. Other viral techniques include pass-along E Books, social networking applications such as those fun but productivity zapping games on Facebook, and even little things like signature lines on email systems. Whatever you can do to take a message and package it for easy pass along makes something "viral."

Viral Marketing Business Model Examples

Some businesses have spread solely through viral marketing models. Email provider Hotmail offers perhaps the best example, with other ideas included to help you create your own viral marketing model.

Email System Tags

One of the most famous examples comes from Hotmail, the email provider. Hotmail began its services by offering free email accounts. Many pundits wondered how the company could make money by giving away email accounts. But Hotmail did something clever; they made it mandatory to include a little tag on every...
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