Violence in Wuthering Heights

Topics: Wuthering Heights, Violence, Heathcliff Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Violence 1: Mr. Lockwood has a bad introduction to Wuthering Heights when the dogs attack him. Heathcliff warns him that they are not pets, but when Heathcliff leaves the room, Mr. Lockwood makes faces at them. When the dogs attack, Heathcliff does not hurry to help him. It is the maid who finally comes to his aid. Mr. Lockwood is not used to such treatment, and he tells Heathcliff that if he'd been bitten, he would have responded by hitting the dog. After just a few moments in the house, Mr. Lockwood is moved to contemplate violence.

Chapter 2

Violence 2: The snow is deep on the moors, but Heathcliff will not give Mr. Lockwood a guide home, nor does he want to let him stay at the Heights. Exasperated, Mr. Lockwood grabs Joseph's lantern and decides to try and get home himself. Joseph does not care that Mr. Lockwood said he would return the lantern, and he sends his dogs to attack him. The dogs do not hurt him, but the trouble gives Mr. Lockwood a nosebleed, and the dogs do not let him alone. Heathcliff laughed at this, and only Zillah, the housemaid, came to his aid.

Chapter 3

Violence 3: In Mr. Lockwood's dream, he and Joseph must listen to a preacher moralize about hundreds of sins. When Mr. Lockwood stands up to expose the preacher as a sinner himself, the preacher has the congregation attack him. Everyone, including Joseph, start to attack him with pilgrim sticks, which are meant to aid pilgrims on their travels to holy places.

Violence 4: When the ghost will not let go of Mr. Lockwood, he hurts it, even though it is a child. He drags her arm on the broken glass, and the blood flows onto the bed.

Later Mr. Lockwood nearly witnesses a violent attack against another Catherine. When Mrs. Heathcliff mouths off to her father-in-law, Mr. Lockwood sees her shrink back as though she expects him to hit her. It seems obvious that Heathcliff has hit her before, and he is only holding back because of Mr. Lockwood's presence.

Chapter 4

Violence 5:...
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