Vernacular Architecture

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Vernacular buildings
What extent it is a question of the use of locally available materials and traditional building techniques The definition of vernacular buildings got a lot of people confused as some sources used a person opinion or complicates the meaning but to simplify it, vernacular buildings is an approach of architecture that uses local material and resources in a certain area or region where a building is built and undertakes local needs. Before 1900s, people unconsciously built vernacular buildings as they can only use sources around their area to build houses for their needs but as years go by people started understanding the use and style of vernacular architecture as it develops more. According to architects everywhere are adopting to regionalism and cultural buildings even at a time where technology is advancing and urbanization is a big deal, it is because there are more to learn from the traditional buildings, like vernacular architecture. Due to environmental problems including; global warming and energy crisis, architects everywhere are motivated to learn more and apply the use or vernacular buildings as these buildings supports the main green architectural laws like energy efficiency or taking advantage of materials and resources around the building. These structures were gained from the original buildings and improved so they can be used more effectively. Vernacular buildings serves as an important connection between nature and humans; it reminds us that no matter what part of the world were in, we are able to survive by working together and keeps us environmentally conscious because of the materials used. Architects, lists vernacular techniques, material and forms to be one of the most usable alternatives to fix some of the serious environmental problems. Lastly, it is believed that it doesn’t only affect economical and political but it also has an impact on traditional building as architects everywhere are being more...
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