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Topics: North, Cardinal direction, Relative direction Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Vastu Tips for Office |  | |
| | | | | |Vastu principles are practical for all buildings whether it is a home, factory, temple or even an office. Office is mainly built| |to generate financial growth of business. Vastu suggests some rules in building offices that prove to be very functional for | |economic growth of the organization.  | |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]Vastu principles are applied keeping in mind various energy fields originating from different | |directions. First of all a site should be selected, which is free from any Vastu defect. After selection of the site, the layout| |of office should be planned by following these Vastu norms. | |Construction of Office | |The plot of office should be rectangular or square. Heavy structure should be built in the South and the West as these are | |negative zones.  More open space should be in the East or north direction. The slope of floor should be towards East, North or | |Northeast. The height of building should be equal in all sides. Water bodies should be built in northeast or eastern zone. Water| |sump is good in the North or East. But overhead tank in northeast is a big Vastu defect. So, the tank should be built in | |southwest direction. Staircase should be built in southern or western part of the office. Staircase in the center of office is | |not good. Toilets can be built in the west or northwest. Northeast and southwest directions should not be used for toilet. |...
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