Vasthu Sastra

Topics: Time, Universe, Space Pages: 6 (2073 words) Published: March 9, 2013
In Vaastu science, the building is laid out according to specific dimensions. These dimensions are a reflection of specific basic measures with which the designer begins his layout of the plan. The following is a transcript of a talk given by Ganapati Sthapati on the Tala System of Spatial Measures. Copyright Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati January 1997 This part is again getting into theoretical information, but it is important for understanding the technical application of the measures. In the domain of the creative work of any art form or object of utility, we know that "movement" and "measure" always go hand in hand. These two elements of form figuration are indispensable in the sense that they ensure a definite shape of grace and beauty to the thought-form or experience. Every country has developed a system of measures for its creative endeavors. For instance, we find the metric system being used in European countries and the foot-inch system in the American continent. Surprisingly, in India, though we have adopted the metric system of measures, from very early times there has been a unique system of linear measures, the significance of which is not known to the contemporary technical world. The unit of measure that India used before the advent of the British system implied a unique concept of time and space. This time-measure has come to de designated in the scientific field by a peculiar term called "Kaala maanam" and in the technological domain as "Taala maaman", each of which means "time-measure". The "Time" that is known to the Vaastu Science is independent or absolute, not solar time, which is physical or relative. There is a Tamil expression for signifying death: "Kaalamanan". This literally means that one has merged with "Time" or "dissolved in time". This is very much expressive of the scientific concept of time as held in the Indian tradition of Vaastu. "Time" signifies growth of the physical body and the end of that body. Time creates, sustains and erases life. This concept is not only applicable to objects in the universe, but also the universe itself. The universe itself is a product of time. Time not only creates life but also give form to life. What is it that provides form to life? Is it not measure that gives form to life and makes it visible? Yes, time gives life and form. It is time that changes itself into measure. The physical measures as given in the table of time-units (below) and those of space measures (converted into linear measures) are indeed vibrational measures, or digital measures, which the Vaastu designers apply in their layout of spaces. They are universal measures and of universal applicability since they are derived from the vibration of the universal space. The conversion of time units into spatial measures signifies that Time is equal to Space. In normal life situations, the vibration of the inner space of the individual beings, though this inner space is part of the outer space, is experienced as not always being in harmony with the universal space. This disharmony is due to the time under which one is born. This is with reference to a branch of knowledge concerned with astronomy/astrology: a branch of the science of the mathematics of Time. Every being is born under the influence of a particular star, the negative or positive element being the quality of Time. In normal circumstances, observing an individual's rise and fall, we comment that it is the work of Time, "kalam seiyyum kolam", meaning: it is Time that has taken such a shape. This discovery of Time as the giver and shaper of form (life) revolutionized the pattern of culture and civilization of India. In India the Tala measure is most familiarly applied to the field of Music and Dance, but that same Tala system has been in force for centuries in the domain of sculpture, architecture and poetry. This Tala measure is also denoted by another term, rhythm, which is used in the fields of music and dance all over the world. This Tala...
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