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Narrative Procedure Assignment

The narrative procedure must include an introduction, materials, procedure and closing. This is a step-by-step process a person would need to follow to complete a task.

Choose one of the following topics studied this year and write a narrative procedure for it.

1. How Light Intensity Effects the Rate of Photosynthesis 2. How Oxygen levels Effect the Rate of Cellular Respiration 3. How to Determine whether a cell is undergoing Mitosis of Meiosis 4.

You are writing to inform someone who knows little about forensics but wants to understand how to do one of the above listed tasks. Make sure you explain biologic terms you use so they understand them.

Follow the rubric provided and have a rough draft finalized by tomorrow. We will then peer edit the rough drafts. This means that each student will read and grade someone’s project.

Be honest in your editing so a revised paper can be written and receive a better grade than the rough draft would have received.

I will use the rubric to place the final grade on the paper.

Things to remember:

1. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate how to do something.

2. The audience--assume they no nothing of the process you are describing.

3. Order the stages chronologically, and be sure to thoroughly explain the steps involved in each stage.

4. Explain the purpose of a stage or a step when necessary.

5. Make sure the process is complete.

6. Be sure to define new or unfamiliar terms.

7. Warn your reader of difficulties in the process.
9. Use graphs or illustrations when applicable

(adapted from Refining Composition Skills, by Smalley and Ruetten)

What format does the body of the essay take?

To develop the thesis or unifying idea, each paragraph in the body of the essay treats on major stage of the procedure. Each stage may group several steps,...

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