Uses and Gratifications Theory, Cultivation Theory, Agenda Setting Theory

Topics: Theory, Diffusion of innovations, Scientific method Pages: 6 (1941 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Explanation of Theory:
Cultural Imperialism Theory states that Western nations dominate the media around the world which in return has a powerful effect on Third World Cultures by Individual Interpretations:
Western Civilization produces the majority of the media (film, news, comics, etc.) because they have the money to do so. The rest of the world purchases those productions because it is cheaper for them to do so rather than produce their own. Therefore, Third World countries are watching media filled with the Western world's way of living, believing, and thinking. The third world cultures then start to want and do the same  things in their countries and destroy their own culture. Explanatory Power: It explains what happens when one group of people with their own ideas sends messages through the media to a different group of people.  Predictive Power: It predicts that Third World countries' culture will be destroyed and the people will identify with Western views.  Linear model: We can see a direct straight path from sender to receiver through the media channels and then watch the effects.  Chances of the theory failing: The theory could be proved false should the Third World countries not be effected by Western media and they do not lose their culture.  Internal Consistency: There is a logical flow of events and consequences within the theory.  Heuristic Provocativeness: This theory could lead to new hypotheses such as which cultures are effected more than others (if any) or whether low context differ in the reception of messages compared top high context cultures?  Organizing Power: This fits with what we already know about differences between Western civilization and Third World countries.   

Several people have seen the episode of Southpark where one of the students is swapped for a "starving Ethiopian." Should someone in Ethiopia watch this cartoon, the Western stereotype of Ethiopians all starving to death will tell that person that all they are are tiny black people who cannot help themselves. If the person is not effected this way the theory is proved false but the relations between American and Ethiopian individuals will still be hurt because of those stereotypes. DIFFUSION OF INNOVATION THEORY

Explanation of Theory:
In the Diffusion Innovation theory, communicators in society with a message influence/encourage people that have strong opinions through the media to influence the masses. There does not seem to be free will in this case, it is fated as to what information is received to the masses, they have no choice to what they are exposed to. In this sense, the theory is scientific.  There is one truth, dependent on the messages sent and received by the media and the opinion leaders.

I feel that Diffusion of Innovations is scientific in the values sense as well.  Research being done is value neutral and not biased because what is stated is pretty much how the news is run.  The masses are fed what information is important. Critique:

I think the Diffusion of Innovations does a good job of explaining how ideas are spread and is accurate in its conclusions. Ideas and Implications:
The Diffusion of Innovations is useful to apply in situations when trying to explain how ideas are spread through our society from the media. Example:
An applicable example to help illustrate Diffusion of Innovations involves Christmas time specials on TV programming.  These programs on harmful/popular toys influence either the opinion of the decision of whether to purchase a specific toy to many shoppers.

Media Dependency Theory
Explanation of Theory:
This theory states that the more dependent an individual is on the media for having his or her needs fulfilled, the more important the media will be to that person. Individual Interpretation:
This theory is based on the Uses and Gratifications Theory and ties into the Agenda Setting Theory.  Uses and Grats identifies how people use...
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