Usanza Report

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Public relations Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Written Report
By: Matthew Chen
Date: Dec. 5th 2012

Overview of Managers

Target Group Manager – Nuala Paluck

- Her role covers consumer behavior, segmentation, targeting, and the
positioning of the service and product.

Brand Manager – Matthew Chen

- Created the service brand and the design of the promotional material
of business cards, labels, and posters.

Advertising Manager – Fiona Klumpp

- The process of the advertising campaign along with working with the
brand manager and also with the direct and interactive manager.

Sales Promotion Manager – Brandon Marcus

- In charge of all of the sales and promotions working along side with the
brand manager and advertising manager to create promotional events.

Direct and Interactive Manager – Mamy Boruh

- In charge of all the direct and interactive marketing for the service of
Usanza. Also worked along side with the sales promotion manager and the advertising manager in creating ideas for events.

Public Relations Manager – Jake Dagenais

- In charge of the public relations with the consumers and also publicity of
the Usanza ensuring the customers have satisfaction of the service and
handles all media and press contact.

Market Research and Distribution – All Managers

* The Process and research of the market and distribution of the service

What Usanza Does?
We mainly cater to college and university students across Canada helping them with their fashion needs. We are very similar to high-end personal shoppers that will help you pick-out clothes for you, but we provide our service at a much lower price compared to the personal shoppers. We choose their clothing for them based off a survey they are given when they signup with a membership from us and we sell them the fashion clothes at a lower price compared to retail store. Our service is unique and efficient because we are a new concept that no one else...
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