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NOTE: Please DO NOT return this booklet with your completed answer sheet. Keep for your reference as a complete listing of correct answers and rule references will be available on usahockey.comUSA HOCKEY OFFICIATING EDUCATION PROGRAM 2010-11 OPEN BOOK RULES EXAMINATION

The Open Book Rules Examination has been designed to present general situations. It’s purpose is a teaching tool — for the new official to learn the rules and their respective location within the rulebook and for the returning official to reinforce their rules knowledge.

SUGGESTED PROCEDURE: Write your answer and the rule
reference next to each question in this booklet, in addition to marking your answer on the answer sheet provided.
the answer sheet will be graded.
No answer sheets will be accepted after MAY 10, 2011.
Level 1 applicants are only required to answer questions
1-50. All other applicants must answer all 100 questions.
1. All face-offs in the end zones are conducted along the
imaginary line connecting the end zone face-off spots with
the neutral zone face-off spots.
2. A team’s on-ice strength does not change when
coincidental minor penalties are assessed to each team.
3. During a delayed penalty, play shall be stopped whenever a member of the offending team gains “possession and
control” of the puck.
4. In a two-official system, both officials have equal authority regarding game management, penalties and goals.
5. A legal check must occur from the front, diagonally from the front or straight from the side.
6. In youth and girls’ divisions, helmets and facemasks must be worn on the player’s bench and penalty bench.
7. The face-off location for an intentional off-side is at a defensive end-zone spot of the off-side team.
8. During a potential icing situation, icing shall be called if the puck goes through the crease before crossing the goal line
(no goal is scored).
9. In a non-checking game, the penalty signal for body
checking is the same as roughing.
10. Penalty options for “tripping” include a minor, major, major plus game misconduct penalty and penalty shot.
11. An injured player who is unable to play, other than through suspension, may be on the player’s bench without being
considered a team official if he is wearing the team jersey
and all required head and face protective equipment. This
is true because of rule:
(a) 109(b)
(b) Definition of “team official” in the glossary
(c) 201(a)
12. A coach receives a bench minor penalty. A player who was on the ice when the infraction occurred must serve the
minor penalty. This is true because of rule:
(a) 601(h)
(b) 402(a)
(c) 402(b)
13. A minor penalty shall be assessed to a player who makes
stick contact with an opposing goalkeeper after the
goalkeeper has caught the puck and is in his crease,
regardless of whether or not the official has stopped play.
The player is assessed a minor penalty under what rule?
(a) 621(c)
(b) 603(a)
(c) 633(d)
14. Should a player accidentally fall on the puck, and the puck is out of sight of the referee, play shall be stopped. This is true because of rule:
(a) 629(a)
(b) 630(a)
(c) 609(e)
15. Any player who deliberately leaves his feet and contacts an opponent with any part of his body thereby causing the
opponent to trip or fall shall be assessed a minor penalty.
This is true because of rule:
(a) 636(a)
(b) 621(a)
(c) 639(a)
16. A player who verbally abuses the official using obscene or abusive language is initially penalized under what rule?
(a) 601(e)
(b) 601(a)
(c) 601(d)
17. A player body checks an opponent diagonally from behind
into the boards. This action is penalized under what rule?
(a) 604(a)
(b) 606(a)
(c) 607(a)18. A minor penalty shall be assessed to a player who interferes with or impedes an opponent who is not in...
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