Us History Ii Midterm Review

Topics: History of the United States, Dawes Act Pages: 13 (1022 words) Published: March 5, 2013
US History II Midterm Key Terms

Chapter 13: Reconstruction and the New South
|amnesty |Enforcement Acts | |John Wilkes Booth |Panic of 1873 | |Andrew Johnson |Civil Rights Act of 1875 | |Thirteenth Amendment |Redeemers | |Black Codes |Samuel J. Tilden | |Thaddeus Stevens |Rutherford B. Hayes | |Frederick Douglass |Compromise of 1877 | |Freedman's Bureau |sharecropping | |Civil Rights Act of 1866 |crop-lien system | |Fourteenth Amendment |poll taxes | |Reconstruction Acts |literary tests | |Ulysses S. Grant |segregation | |Fifteenth Amendment |Jim Crow laws | |carpetbaggers |Plessy v. Ferguson | |scalawags |Madame C.J. Walker | |Ku Klux Klan |Ida B. Wells |

Chapter 14: The Western Crossroads
|Bureau of Indian Affairs |Morrill Act | |John M. Chivington |Exodusters | |Sand Creek massacre |Benjamin Singleton | |Sitting Bull |U.S. Department of Agriculture | |George Armstrong Custer |Willa Cather | |Battle of the Little Bighorn |long drives | |Wovoka |railhead | |Massacre at Wounded Knee |open range | |Chief Joseph |barbed wire | |Geronimo |Texas longhorn | |Sarah Winnemucca |Joseph Glidden | |Dawes General Allotment Act...
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