Us and Wwii

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General Francisco Franco and the Spanish Civil War 1036
- Fascist vs Republicans
- who else gets involved?
- Russia is the only country that comes to the aid of the loyalist republicans with men and money to try and stave off the coup Franco is trying to get involved in. - Franco had help from Mussolini and Hitler < Germany and Italy fascists come to aid - mirrors what’s happening across euroe

- American volunteers saw this as their fight to attack fascism < 1000’s of volunteers > artists and liberal college students went on their own dime and fought illegally with the republicans - the same ones who flirted with the communist party back home (from last Thursday’s lecture) - in 1939 Franco was vicotorious < stays in power until his death in 1976

Germany and Hitler
- has a domestic agenda
- this is not the big issue for the united states and other countries - big issue for the countries in Europe and abroad > like italy Hitler wants to expand to correct the abuses of the versille treaty and take back the lands that were taken in 1919 - 1936 hitler turned to the west and begins to occupy the rhine-land < that france got in the 1919 peace treaty - for hitler this was a teast he was interested in finding out if anyone will stop him (not supposed to have an army) - if anyone had said no or stopped him he would have stopped - for hitler this was the green light that no one was going to stop him - then he turns to the east and starts to create the Aryan empire - Austria in 1938

- then goes to check and they turn to britian for help
- Neville Chamberland believed that Hitler was rational and could be negotiated with > the munich conference 1938 - Hitler could have checkoslovakia and in return hitler promised that he would stop - Chamberland flies back to London England and says there will be peace in our time - significance of munich

- short term hitler doesn't stop and sees this as a weakness - longterm of munich
- the lesson that you can’t negotiate with dictators and you can only use strength > the munich syndrome

By this point stalin in russia is shaking his head and is the only guy who's standing up - he turned arround and signed in 1939 the non aggression pact - this was a policy of neutrality
- when war comes these two countries would not attack each other and let each other fight their own wars < policy of neutrality - this got a lot of american communists to think twice

Hitler and Poland
- poland is the gateway of to the east
- sept 1939 the germans go into Poland
- this is when the british clued into the fact that Hitler lied to them and it becomes the line in the sand - sempt 4 1939 britian and france declared war with germany - the formal beginning of the war in Europe

For seven months after Poland we have the Phoney Wars
- boarder scermishies but no massive milatary war
- this changed in april 1930 > Blitzkrieg

The Battle of Britain 1940
- Churchill is now prime minister
- with blood sweat toil and tears we will survive
- france has fallen and the soviet union is out of the war > a really tense moment where is the us?

Since 1793 once again united states has declared a policy of neutrality - reality of coming out of the great depression and not having the armiments - but there's a big difference between this neutrality and wilsons neutrality in WWI - Wilson was serious about neutrality and that’s how he was going to shape the peace - not Roosevelt > he never asked the American people to be neautral and will find every opportunity to skirt neutrality and break it outright - why does he legally do this? Because he had to.

The Neautrality acts 1035-1937
- Senator Gerald Nye is going to hold a committee to hold an investigation - he hated roosevelt but he was also deeply antisemetic and believed that roosevelt was controled by jews - the purpouse of this committee was to investigate how the usa got dragged into WWI - the conclusion that the Nye committee came up...
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